Stay Healthy While You Travel

Stay healthy while travelThis week I’m down in Anaheim for the largest natural products trade show in North America - Expo West. Lecturing across North America requires a lot of energy and can be stressful on the body, especially when crossing time zones. My sleep and immune system can become easily compromised, so over the years I have collected great travel practices that keep me healthy while I'm on the road.

The following tips are tried and true: this is my personal guide for staying well balanced (not to mention well rested) in the face of jet lag. 

1. Do some research before you leave.

I’m always googling the closest healthy restaurants or health food stores in the area that I'm travelling to, so when I check into my hotel I know exactly where I can get healthy and nutritious foods.


2. Pack healthy snacks.

People that know me well know that I never travel without food. Nuts, seeds, fruit, protein bars and protein powder are typical staples for me.


 3. Bring along a sleep aid.

I never leave home without my Tranquil Sleep and Gaba. Tranquil Sleep is a formula that combines melatonin, 5-HTP and L-theanine, all of which help to calm the nervous system and assist proper sleep cycles (especially when I’m feeling the jet lag). Gaba helps to calm the mind, especially on those nights when I can’t seem to shut my brain off!


4. Keep your immunity up!

I always travel with my Vitamin C, AdrenaSense, B Complex, Echinacea and Probiotics. Getting sick is not an option for me! Oh, and I always keep a natural hand sanitizer (tea tree and lavender) in my purse.


 5. Stay active.

Exercise is such a huge stress reliever for me that I only book hotels that have a fitness facilities. If that isn’t an option or time is a factor, I try to take the stairs at every opportunity, take mini breaks and walk outside often, or do stretches/yoga poses in the morning in my hotel room. Wherever you can get it in, exercise!


6. Stay hydrated!

I always stock up on water in my hotel room and while on the road. I avoid highly refined juices, sodas and really minimize my alcohol intake as these just depress the immune system and often have a negative effect on jet lag.

I hope these tips help you stay healthy during your next trip!