The Fourth Healthy Day of Christmas: Stress-Free Holidays

holiday_stress_headerThe holidays are my favourite time of the year, yet for many of us holiday cheer can dissolve into holiday stress.

Long distance traveling, family get-togethers, extra shopping and social obligations can eventually wear the mind and body down.

During this chaotic time, to top it all off, it is not uncommon to overindulge in food and drink to help soothe emotional stress. That’s why most of us feel worse either during or after the holiday season.

Does this all sound too familiar? 

To help combat the chaos this time of year often brings with it, check out my top 5 tips for surviving holiday stress:


1. Don’t Over-Commit

We all love to socialize this time of the year but with all the friend, family and work gatherings, the calendar can fill up fast. Many of us feel overwhelmed with all the social commitments, but remember: you don’t have to say yes to every invitation. Try keeping one night a weekend totally free of commitments, other than spending time at home. You'll be amazed by your enhanced ability to enjoy the social gatherings you do attend when you get a little bit of "me" time in between.


2. Get Enough Zzzzzs

Not enough sleep will increase the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol. When your cortisol is elevated, you can bet you’ll gain weight, feel unbalanced, and be an easy target for viruses and bacteria. And if you do get sick, you're likely to only add to the stress you're already experiencing.


3. Relax and Breathe

Treat yourself to a massage once a month. Use your benefits up before they expire! Practice deep breathing exercises. Learn to say no once in awhile and take time for yourself whether it’s reading a book, taking a walk or practicing yoga or meditation.


4. Keep up with your EXERCISE!

During stress, exercise can alter your body chemistry to calm and soothe upset nerves. The holiday season can be a difficult time to keep up an exercise routine, so try working out first thing in the morning, or plan family activities such as walking or ice-skating.


Be Diligent with your Stress-Busting Vitamins!

This time of the year include: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, B Vitamins and my favorite adrenal support – AdrenaSense. They'll give you that extra little advantage you need to stay focused, healthy and happy during this crazy time of year.

Wishing you a stress-free holiday season!