The Sixth Healthy Day of Christmas: Presence for Presents

presents_headerOnce in awhile when I read a blog post by one of my peers or favourite bloggers, I'm struck by how similar their perspective is to mine. 

My intention for day six of the Twelve Healthy Days of Christmas was to tell you all about gift-giving and how much stress it can needlessly generate at this time of year. 

Then I read this on Christiane Northrup's site:

Here’s what I’ve come up with: The giving of a gift and the receiving of a gift should give an equal amount of pleasure. It’s like giving a lover pleasure. You get as much out of the experience whether you’re giving or receiving. Plus gift giving should be meaningful, not stressful. 

And I thought - that's it! I really admire and respect Dr. Northrup, and I think this blog post is just perfect regarding the art of gift giving over the holidays. 

So instead of coming up with a creative new way to re-state her message, I'm going to let it stand, and encourage you to go read it for yourself.

>> Read "The Fine Art of Gift Giving"

We all own a lot of stuff. We all have a lot of stress in our lives. This year, let's give the gift of presence. 

BlogDoctor Marita