A 3,000 Year Old Allergy Remedy

net_pot_headerYou've probably heard of or seen a netti pot before - these strange, tea pot-like tools are showing up all over the internet and at your local pharmacy, too. So what's the deal with the netti pot? Why is it being lauded as a brilliant remedy for everything from a cold to seasonal allergies? And who the heck came up with such an odd system?


History of the netti pot

The Netti Pot is one of the oldest remedies for nasal congestion. It was developed roughly 3,000 years ago, in the ancient Indian tradition of ayurvedic healing. Yogis believed that cleansing the nasal passages let to a greater capacity for breathing, which would ultimately help them reach enlightenment.

The remedy was so successful that it sustained its popularity: some variety of the netti pot has survived to modern day.


How it works

The small tea pot is filled with room temperature water and a saline solution. The user then tips their head forward and to the side, and runs the contents of the pot into their nostril. The water & saline solution runs through the entire sinus system, and flushes out the other nostril.

For people who have never use the netti pot, the sensation can be quite strange and may even take a few tries to get right. But it's worth it!


Why it works

When you use the netti pot, the saline & water solution moves through your nasal passages and sinuses, clearing them of debris.

This can be great when someone's had surgery on their sinuses, as there maybe crusting that needs to be flushed out of the passages.

For allergies, the netti pot is effective because it rinses the sinuses of any microscopic allergens that might be lodged in the tiny hairs that line the passages. This can sometimes provide immediate relief from things like sneezing and watery eyes, without having to take an over-the-c0unter medication that may make you drowsy.


Sometimes unconventional methods are the best way to approach common symptoms and ailments... no matter how strange they look and feel!