Check Me Out in Women's Voice Magazine!

women-s-voice-logo_headerIf you've visited me at my clinic IRL (in real life), you know that I'm pretty loyal to a few companies - especially when it comes to supplements.

Supplements, more so than other products, have a very wide range when it comes to quality. I want my patients to get the maximum benefit from anything I suggest, so I've always done my homework to find the best brands and blends of natural remedies.

Which is a roundabout way of explaining why I've used a line called WomenSense in my practice for the last 8 years. The line is made by Preferred Nutrition, who was recently acquired by Natural Factors - both of whom are companies I genuinely trust (and no, they're not paying me to write this post!). Their supplements are tailor-made to women's need, and contain no filler - you get exactly what it says on the label (which isn't always the case in the supplement world).

Recently, they gave me another reason to be excited about their products - they've launched an online magazine called Women's Voice - and asked me to write for it!

The magazine will be dedicated to giving real women high-quality beauty and health solutions, and to empowering women to take control of their health.

You can still expect the same volume of information and consistent posting on this site, plus some shout-outs to what's going on in the magazine.