What "Self Care" Really Means, Part 2: The Mind

Image: Tim Marshall

Image: Tim Marshall

Did you know that July 24 is International Self Care Day?

All around the world, people will be slowing down a little to honour the fine art of self care.

But what does that really mean?

“Self care” is one of those popular terms in the media, especially on the health & fitness side of things. But taking great care of yourself is about so much more than green smoothies and exercise (although those things do help) – it’s about having a look at yourself in a holistic way, and supporting ALL the elements that make us human.

I like to do this by dividing my self care into four main areas, and checking in with each one. If you haven't already,  check out Part 1: The Body, before reading on.

Area #2: The Mind

Here again, stress is one of the biggest impediments to well-being.

We’re living busier, more productive lives than any generation in history, and it’s taking its toll on our health: mental stress from a jam-packed schedule, environmental stimulus, and being “plugged in” to screens at all times can contribute to adrenal fatigue and many other illnesses.

My Top 3 Tips for Mental Self Care


One of the greatest things you can do to support your mental well-being is get off those devices for a good chunk of every day.

Take a true holiday

Leave the work & devices at home, get out into the woods, and let you mind & body unwind.

Try meditation

The research couldn’t be more positive about meditation for stress reduction: this ancient practice of sitting quietly and being present to your surroundings can do wonders for stress, and overall well-being.