12 Days of Giving, Day 10: DIY Slipper Socks!

Looking for a last-minute gift?

Rather than picking up chocolates or wine, or guessing on a gift that may or may not be used, why not try your hand at a DIY project?  

Head to the thrift store or dig in the back of your closet, find an old sweater, and try this easy project from Home Sweet Soul on for size!

Image: Home Sweet Soul

Image: Home Sweet Soul

DIY Slipper Socks


  • scissors
  • pins
  • yarn
  • a large darning needle
  • an old sweater (try to find something with a tight enough weave that it won’t begin to unravel when you cut it – felted wool works great for this)


STEP 1: Trace your foot. Make a rough outline of your foot on a piece of paper or cardstock. Give yourself about 1.5cm of extra space around the edge for comfy slippers and easy sewing. Cut out your shape, and repeat for the other foot.

STEP 2: Cut the sole pieces. Place each cutout on the body-area of the sweater, and cut around them to create two sole pieces. It is best if you use double-sided tape to keep the paper from slipping around while you are cutting! 

STEP 3: Check the boot length. Stick your foot into the sleeve of the sweater through the opening at the wrist. Pull the fabric around your leg to the desired boot length.

STEP 4: Snip around your foot. Very carefully, cut the fabric of the sleeve away from the sole of your foot. You are trying to make it so that just the bottom of your foot is exposed. Now you have your leg piece!

STEP 5: Pin it together. Connect the sole piece to the leg piece with large pins. Start with one pin at the toe of your bootie, and one pin at the heel. Then stretch the fabric as necessary to line the two pieces up and pin them together.

STEP 6: Blanket stitch. With the pins in place, blanket stitch the sole piece and the leg piece together. To do a blanket stitch, (1) push your needle through both layers of fabric from the top (2) pull the yarn through until only a small loop remains (3) bring your needle back down through the loop (4) pull the yarn tight. You can also add a blanket stitch around the opening of your boot to make it look extra polished!

STEP 7: Try it on! Pull on your new upcycled sweater slipper-boots, and get cozy!


Steph Bowen