4 recipes for a healthy Thanksgiving meal

I love Thanksgiving and the beautiful intention behind coming together to celebrate all that we are grateful for. What I don’t love is the traditional Thanksgiving meal that can leave most of us feeling tired, bloated and heavy. 

With most Thanksgiving recipes being full of butter, sugar, and carbohydrates, it’s no wonder that after we finish eating we’re tempted to pass out on the couch. 

The good news is that there are so many healthy substitutes to traditional meals, and I’ve compiled my four favourites for a full-course Thanksgiving dinner. 

These nutrient-packed alternatives will leave you feeling energized, nourished, and with room for desert!


Vegan stuffed butternut squash shells with sage cashew cream sauce by Abbey’s Kitchen

butternut squash.jpg

This appetizer will please vegans and meat eaters-alike with its decadent sage cashew cream sauce drizzled over butternut squash and gluten-free pasta shells. 


Keto low-carb cauliflower stuffing by Wholesome Yum


A stuffing that won’t make you feel stuffed. Enjoy this low-carb cauliflower stuffing with onion, thyme, sage, garlic, cracked black pepper and roasted pecans.


Ground turkey sweet potato skillet by Life Love Liz


A unique twist on the classic roasted turkey, this main is simple to make, easy to serve, and is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Plus, it doesn’t require hours of oven roasting, and is more cost-efficient, too!


Grain-free pumpkin pie cups by Feasting on Fruit

pumpkin pie crust.jpg

This desert’s crust is made with almond flour, maple syrup and water and has a simple pumpkin, sweet potato, maple syrup and pumpkin spice filling; real ingredients that don’t sacrifice the taste of traditional pumpkin pie. Win, win!

Riley Webster