My top 3 supplements to beat spring allergies - naturally!

Dr. Marita Schauch

Spring is such an alive season - flowers bloom, the sun shines, the days lengthen, and, unfortunately, seasonal allergies arrive with gusto.

Put simply, allergies are the result of an imbalanced immune system which causes the body to react too strongly to certain stimuli. In the case of spring allergies, the stimuli can be pollen, dust, and grass.

For those who suffer from spring allergies, there are a few things you can do to help mitigate them, and this starts with incorporating natural supplements into your diet to balance and strengthen the immune system, improve your gut health, and adapt to your environment’s allergens.

Here are my top 3 recommendation on how to beat your allergies - naturally!

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids

While antihistamine allergy medication interferes with histamine once it’s produced by the body, vitamin C prevents the formation of histamine entirely, which can mitigate your allergic reactions. Additionally, it strengthens the immune system which can decrease your likelihood of developing allergies in the first place.


Balancing gut bacteria can bring the immune system back into balance, creating a positive effect on allergies. I recommend taking a probiotic supplement daily, or incorporating kimchi, sauerkraut and/or kombucha into your diet.

Local bee pollen

Although not scientifically proven, anecdotal evidence suggests that consuming local honey and/or bee pollen from the region you live in can help your body adapt to your the allergens in your environment. By taking daily doses of bee pollen, your body can become immune to what normally irritates it.  I recommend adding a tablespoon of bee pollen to your morning smoothie.

Riley Webster