Try these alternatives to coffee


Don’t get me wrong: I love coffee. To me, there’s nothing better than making a hot cup of java on a Sunday morning.

However, for many people who experience anxiety, coffee can be a major trigger to their nervous systems. I’ve spoken to many patients who experience shaky hands, anxious sweats, or even heart palpitations after drinking coffee. Even decaf can produce adverse effects. 

Summer is a great opportunity to detox from coffee.  Ayurvedic Medicine, the oldest medical system in the world with roots in India, suggests that summer is the time when our fire element, also known as pitta, is at its peak. Since coffee is pitta-aggravating, meaning it can push us out of balance at this time of year, it’s a natural time to wean off coffee and try a healthy substitute.

So what to do if you love the taste of coffee (and the comforting morning ritual!) but can’t handle the caffeine buzz?

Here are some alternatives:

1. Adaptogenic coffee substitute:

Try a blend of adaptogens, which are herbs that help to bring your body back into homeostasis by ‘adapting’ to what it needs, as a substitute for coffee. I suggest this company, Rasa, for a delicious blend of roasted chicory, dandelion and burdock roots, plus adaptogens like reishi, ashwagandha and chaga. 

2. Matcha

Matcha gives you a boost without the buzz (and the inevitable afternoon crash). It’s full of antioxidants, helps boost metabolism, aids in concentration, and can even boost mood.

3. Chicory root

With an earthy, rich taste, ground chicory root has a similar taste to coffee, which makes is a great alternative. Full of fibre, this drink can help support digestion and healthy gut bacteria.

4. Golden milk

A delicious, anti-inflammatory drink made with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, vanilla, honey, and nut milk. The invigorating blend of spices helps to stimulate digestion, calm inflammation, and is caffeine-free.

Riley Webster