Heart Smart Smoothie Recipe

Heart Smart SmoothieStart your day off with a smoothie that is packed full of heart-smart and nutrient-dense ingredients!


  • ½ banana
  • ½ cup blueberries
  • 1 cup of leafy greens (spinach, kale, swiss chard)
  • ¼ avocado
  • 1 tbsp of hemp hearts
  • 1 tbsp of chia seeds
  • 1 cup of almond or hemp milk
  • 1 scoop of your favorite plant-based protein powder
  • Filtered water, just enough for desired consistency

Blend all ingredients in a blender for 30-60 seconds until smooth. ENJOY!


All dark pigmented berries are full of antioxidants that help decrease inflammation and reduce your risk of heart disease. Blueberries are packed with vitamin C and fiber, and they’re low in calories and sugar.

Hemp Hearts

Rich in vitamins and minerals, hemp hearts are the only edible seeds with gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is an essential fatty acid. They also help to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and maintain balanced cholesterol levels.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are high in fiber and a healthy source of omega-3s, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and selenium. According to the Cleveland Clinic, chia seeds have been shown to improve blood pressure in diabetics, and may also increase healthy cholesterol while lowering total, LDL, and triglyceride cholesterol.


A healthy fat choice! Avocados contain oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that can help lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels while raising the amount of HDL (good cholesterol) in your body.

Leafy Greens

Spinach is full of vitamin C, magnesium, iron, lutein, folate, potassium, and fiber. Rotate your leafy greens for variety! Try Kale, Swiss chard, bok choy, parsley or spinach.