Winter Smoothies

Photo: Nutrition Stripped

Committed to a healthier December this year, but already losing ground to sweet treats and sugar-heavy drinks? I may have just the alternative you're looking for!

When you think of holiday food, smoothies don't typically come to mind: these blended drinks may be loaded with nutrients, but they tend to go on high rotation in the summer months and cool off (get it?) come winter.

Luckily, Well & Good (a really great site for wellness-related info) loves smoothies almost as much as I do, and has compiled a list of delicious (not to mention mega-nutritious) winter season smoothies.

Blend these up in the morning for breakfast, pour them into a mason jar and take them for a snack at work, or enjoy them in front of the fire after a long day, instead of sugar-laden rum & egg nog. 

Any way your pour them, you really can't go wrong.

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