Get a Handle on PMS with Joyous Health

breast_exams_headerSince it's women's health month I wanted to cover want of the landmarks of women's health: PMS! My plan was to give you the ins and outs of managing your PMS - Premenstral Syndrome - adding to a post I wrote last year about how symptoms can affect your quality of life, and how to address them.

I was doing a bit of online research when I realized that Joy over at Joyous Health had already done pretty much exactly what I'd intended to! Her 5-part series on PMS from last year is fantastic - it's a comprehensive guide on how to balance your hormones and employ natural remedies for things like food cravings, mood swings, acne and bloating.

Rather than duplicate her efforts, I'll just send you her way with my stamp of approval. The next time you experience PMS symptoms, give her remedies a try!

>> 5 Part Series on Natural Remedies for PMS by Joyous Health