Sweets for Your Sweetie: Pamela's Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Pamelas-Chocolate-Chunk-Cookie-MixIn case you've missed the 1 zillion posts about it on social media: Valentine's Day is around the corner! Me and my hubby aren't huge into V-Day; we take lots of opportunity to show each other love throughout the year.

That being said, I *love* to satisfy both of our sweet-teeth (sweet-toothes?) on the big day. My usual M.O. is to bake something from scratch that's healthy (gluten-free, sugar-free, etc.) but delish. This year I'm a bit on the busy side, though, so I'm opting for another route: a pre-packaged cookie mix.

"What?!" You might be thinking. "Pre-packaged?? Aren't those usually laden with all kinds of nasty preservatives, not to mention heaps of refined sugar?"

The answer is yes, usually. Luckily for busy folks, however, there are brands like Pamela's that come to the rescue.

To be very clear, I'm not on Pamela's payroll and don't benefit from sharing their products at all. I'm just a big, big fan of showing people how they can live healthy lives even when their schedules are jammed.

Her chocolate chunk cookies are gluten-free and taste AMAZING. My hubby and I have gone through an entire recipe's worth in a day and a half (not advisable).

So this weekend I'll take the 20 minutes out of my schedule to whip these up. Hopefully there'll be a few left by the time Sunday rolls around.

Happy Valentines Day!