The Top 5 Supplements for Back-to-School

Image: Ben White Transitioning from summer, when we're all typically a little more physically active, to fall, when our brain needs to come back online in a big way, may require a little support.

We've talked diet and activity for kids and parents alike, but what else can you do to help with heading back to school?

Taking the right set of nutritional supplements can boost your cerebral activity and get you and your kids back in learning mode. Below I've made a list of 5 of my most-recommended supplements for the fall.

Happy learning!


1. A High-Quality Multi-Vitamin

Multi-vitamins are great for filling in the gaps: if you're coming off of a summer of travel and poor diet, they might be the perfect way to get you and your kids back up to a healthy, functional level. Also, can we talk about how necessary a healthy immune system is a school (basically a breeding ground for viruses)? Choose a good quality multi-vitamin by visiting a health food store or trusted grocery store, to make sure what you choose pack a healthy punch.


2. Probiotics

You can feed your children the best food around, but if their gut flora isn't functioning properly, they won't digest it properly and get the nutrients they need. May companies make chewable probiotics in a variety of flavours, in case you have a picky eater or non-pill-swallow-er on your hands.


3. Omega 3 Fish Oil

Omega 3s are so, so important for brain function and the reduction of inflammation in the body. If the actually oil won't work for your little one, you can get good quality fish oils in capsule form, as well.


4. Protein Powder

Sugary cereal for breakfast won't fill your child up OR give them the energy they need for a full morning of learning. Select a good-quality protein powder and make them a smoothie, or combine it with some nut butter on sprouted grain bread for a breakfast of intellectual champions.


5. Vitamin D

The brain can't do much if the body's not in good shape, and vitamin D is essential for healthy growth as children age. It helps us absorb the calcium we eat and growth strong & healthy bones. Also, it's not found in a lot of foods, so supplementing is key.