Judging the Clean Beauty Awards - What's in the Box?

Image: Fernando Brasil Many of you know that I'm a pretty passionate educator when it comes to environmental toxins. I think it's awful that the products we use to clean our homes and cleanse our bodies contain chemicals that are seriously damaging to our health (to understand more about this, check out my blog post on environmental toxins).

For this reason, I always give a shout out to organizations like the Environmental Working Group (EWG), who act as third party watch dogs over various industries known to use ingredients that contain harmful, toxic chemicals.

Which explains why I'm currently SO EXCITED - there's a burgeoning certification program in Canada called CertClean that's going to review products on our behalf - and they've asked me to be a judge for their Clean Beauty Awards!!!

I received the box below in the mail today, and over the next week will get to try out some amazing new beauty products, and rank their performance. What's even better, is knowing everything I pull from the box is made of all-natural, non-toxic ingredients.

Stay tuned to find out my winners!

CertClean Beauty Awards Box