The Climb to Mental Wellness

Image: Mike Schauch I was so, so honoured to have shared the stage last week with some amazing and inspirational people. My brother - an incredible entrepreneur and mountaineer - held an event in Vancouver called Here 2 There 3.0 - Your Climb to Mental Wellness.

The evening was all about the challenges of mental health in our society, especially when it comes to leadership. Mental health isn't something I talk about often on this blog, but it's close to my heart: I see so many patients struggling to cope with how complex and stressful our world really is nowadays. It's an important topic, and talking about it more will only lower the stigma around it.

Thanks to my co-presenters - seriously, you guys, check out this line-up. It was humbling!

Adam Hart, CEO of Power of Food (also an executive coach & #1 national bestselling author)

Brent Seal,Founder & CEO of Mavrixx, social entrepreneur, public Speaker

Margo Talbot, Mental Wellness Coach and Speaker, author, sponsored athlete

Mike Schauch, my bro!

Image: Nico Dicianu

Image: Nico Dicianu

Nico Dicianu

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