Four food prepping tips

Dr. Marita Schauch

We’ve all been there: it’s Monday morning, you’re late to work and you were too busy over the weekend to go grocery shopping. You don’t have any breakfast options in the house, so you stop at a coffee shop for a latte and a donut on the way to your office. Two hours later, your blood sugar is crashing and you need another meal. You’re pressed for time, so you go to the local diner across the street with limited healthy options and settle for a less than ideal meal. By the time evening rolls around, you’re so tired that you forgo the spin class you signed up for and opt for a couple glasses of wine on the couch instead, complete with a Netflix series and a bag of chips. 

I get how busy life can be. And I understand how tempting it is to settle for quick and easy meals that may not be nutritious but are certainly convenient. But here’s the thing: food prepping does not have to be arduous, complicated, or take up your whole weekend. In fact, it can be super easy (and fun!) and help you stay on track with your health goals. 

Here are four food prepping tips to help give your mind and body the care it deserves:

1. Plan ahead

Batch your time and plan your grocery shopping list ahead of time. I love looking at Pinterest for inspiration and then planning meals accordingly. Choose a day that works with your schedule to grab all of the items you need in one trip to the grocery store. Not only will this save you time and stress, it will help show you that food prepping can be a simple task that doesn’t take a whole day!

2. Grab a friend

It’s easier to stick to a plan when you have someone holding you accountable. Grab a friend who also wants to do weekly food prep and make a commitment to stick to your plan. Bonus: cooking with a friend can allow you to try new dishes and get extra creative.

3. Think variety

When I prepare food for the week, I like to make an assortment of things like energy balls for quick snacks, a breakfast bake for speedy mornings, chopped veggies and hummus for those on-the-go afternoons and a couple of lunch and dinner options. Having variety in your diet can help to enhance your overall well-being and keep you healthy.

4. Make extra

Freezer meals are great when you’re in a pinch. I like to make a big batch of whatever recipe I’m making, and then store extra servings in the freezer for those times when you didn’t make enough food for the week and need an extra meal.

Riley Webster