Sunday Run-days and Rehydration

juicing_headerSundays are "run days" with my friend Kristi. We meet at one of my favourite running spots - Elk Lake, just outside Victoria, BC -  and run anywhere from 8 km to 10 km. Exercise, especially my Sunday run, is my opportunity for downtime and stress relief, and really helps me to recharge.

After our run I visit another favourite of mine in my hometown of Victoria, BC: Rebar Restaurant. Rebar serves refreshing and hydrating drinks (not to mention absolutely delicious vegetarian fare), which are key for recovering after a long run, and ensuring you still have energy to tackle the day.

If you don't live in Victoria so can't head to Rebar, or just want to try juicing at home, there are tons of great recipes out there to maximize your nutritional intake and up your hydration. My personal favorite for post-workout consists of:

  • Coconut water
  • Pineapple
  • Lemon
  • Ginger

The simplest ingredients make for the most refreshing beverage - the lemon in this juice helps to alkalize my system, the ginger's AWESOME for inflammation (which is inevitable after a 10km run), and the coconut water and pineapple replenish the electrolytes I lost while running. 

Oh yeah - and it's delicious. Happy running/ relaxing/ hydrating!