How I Eat: A Day in the Life of Doctor Marita

farmers market fruits & veggiesI’m often asked in clinical practice about what a day of eating in the life of Dr. Marita looks like. Well, here it is… what I ate today! As you can see, everything is carefully chosen for its nutritional value, and homemade wherever possible.



Organic rolled oats cooked in ½ water and ½ almond milk mixed with chia seeds, hemp hearts, ground flax, cinnamon, and organic frozen blueberries.

 ***I do rotate the fruit between different berries, applesauce and banana.

One cup of organic coffee with coconut milk.


Morning Snack

A couple of organic dried apple rings and a handful of raw cashews.



Leftovers from the night before – brown rice, steamed broccoli and organic chicken thighs.



Whole Earth and Sea Organic Vegan Greens protein bar.



Homemade turkey burger topped with avocado (and no bun), stir-fried veggies (bok choy, broccoli, beansprouts and peppers stir-fried in coconut oil) and quinoa.



A scoop of Coconut Bliss ice cream (vegan).


Next Month watch for Doctor Marita’s daily vitamin regimen!