25 Healthy Days of Christmas RECAP! Days 1-9

Happy holidays!I'm counting down to Christmas in my own special way this year, sharing one healthy tip a day to get through the holiday season. While it's a shame that this time of year often comes with a side helping of stress, there's loads of great info out there to turn around your holidays.

Below you'll find a recap of the first nine days of tips - everything from recipes from some of my favourite nutritionists and naturopaths, to gift-giving guides that won't break the bank (or your spirit).

Flip through the pages and find a cure to your holiday hustle.

Do you have a holiday stress-busting tip? Share it in the comments!


25 Healthy Days of Christmas

Day One - The gift of laughter

It's the sweetest gift, the best medicine, and makes life so much lighter & brighter. Before you get to the buying of presents, the decoarting of the tree, the attending of the parties, remember: this season is supposed to be fun. Act accordingly!



Day 2 - Healthy Christmas Cookies

These fruit and nut thins from Joyous Health are a great variation on more traditional holiday cookies - no refined sugar, and no ten pound fruitcake in your freezer all year long!

Image: Joyous Health


Day 3 - DIY Holiday Gifts... in Jars!

Have a stack of folks to buy for? Make your own delightful, delicious gifts in cute mason jars. Not only is it economical, you get to choose what goes in them (which means they'll be healthier than store-bought gifts, hands down).

3 - 12-DIY-Gifts-in-a-Jar


Day 4 - 8 Ways to Avoid a Food Baby

I get it - we've all done the over-eating thing at Christmas, even me. So many parties, so many rich dishes and sugary desserts... it's hard not to! Luckily, Joyous Health is on the case with this blog post.

Image: Joyous Health


Day 5 - How to Shop Ethically for Christmas Gifts

This article's from 2013 and I STILL find it totally on point. it's easy to get caught in the holiday hustle and forget to ask where your gifts are coming from. These 4 tips are a way to remember what the spirit of giving is actually all about.

Image: Relevant Magazine


Day Six - The Sprit of Giving

A break from our regularly scheduled program: remember that this season has nothing to do with consumerism at its core. It's about sharing the love and being generous!

6 - the spirit of giving

Day Seven - Healthy Holiday Truffles

This recipe from Julie Daniluk is great - it curbs the cravings for rich and delicious holiday treats without any refined sugar, gluten, or dairy. Score!

Image: Julie Daniluk


Day Eight - DIY Whipped Magnesium Lotion

Sounds a little weird, but this lotion is great for many reasons: when you make your own cosmetic products, you can be sure they're not filled with nasty environmental toxins. Plus, magnesium is WONDERFUL for many issues, like Restless Leg Syndrome (as witnessed by the author) and Adrenal Fatigue. This is a great gift for anyone suffering from fatigue or hormonal imbalance!

Image: Don't Waste the Crumbs


Day Nine - Healthy Gifts for Men

Don't leave the fellas out of the fun - these gift ideas from Wellness Mama are awesome!

Image: Wellness Mama