25 Healthy Days of Christmas RECAP! Days 10-16

Image: Andrew Neal I'm counting down to Christmas in my own wellness-biased way: the 25 Healthy Days of Christmas have been gracing my social media feeds all month!

Here's day 10 through 16 of nourishing, health-focused tips to make it through the holidays. (Catch the earlier batch here.)

25 Healthy Days of Christmas

Day 10 - Mindfulness

10 - mike-arney

This great article from Mind Body Green outlines some basic ways to stay mindful at this time of year. I can't stress this enough - being aware of your needs, your emotions, and what your body's really feeling during the busiest season will make it so much smoother, and sweeter.

Day 11 - Don't Stop Moving!

Image: Very Well

Exercise will do wonders for your stress level (not to mention your expanding waistline) through the holiday season. There are some great tips in this article from Very Well about staying on top of your exercise game when you have competing holiday priorities.

Day 12 - Christmas in the Heart

12 - Christmas in the Heart

Just another little reminder that the Christmas Spirit can't be bought at the mall!

Day 13 - Detox

Image: Detoxinista

Detoxing is all the rage these days, but it's NOT just a hot trend: with environmental toxins heaped on top of holiday indulgences, our bodies can get seriously out of whack at this time of year.

The answer? Salad! This holiday salad from The Detoxinista is a perfect compliment to any Christmas-y meal, and will give your insides a little bit of love, to boot.

Day 14 - Easy Cinnamon Rolls

Image: Minimalist Baker

For all of my talk about detoxing, watching what you eat and exercising over the holiday, it's also okay - important, even - to enjoy yourself!

These 7-ingredient cinnamon rolls from the Minimalist Baker are a perfect concession - a little bit indulgent, a lot delicious, and easy as pie to put together for Christmas morning!

Day 15 - What's Christmas to You?

15 - maybe christmas

Day 16 - Cures for the Christmas Party Blues

Image: The New Potato

Been hitting a few too many holiday parties this month? Nutritional chef Mikaela Reuben shares some pro tips on finding balance amidst many glasses of holiday cheer on the The New Potato.