Spring Liver Cleanse Day 5

Image: Glutenn Free Goddess

It's the weekend! Which means I spent a bit of time sleeping in and relaxing this morning, while still enjoying my Spring Liver Cleanse. I love that this detox is simple enough that it doesn't limit my energy or prevent me from doing most of the things I'd normally do on a sunny spring Saturday. How are you all doing this fine Saturday? Feeling refreshed?


Warm water with lemon

Organic green tea

Simple coconut green smoothie


Mid-morning snack

Organic rice cake topped with almond butter and sliced apples



Roasted organic turkey sausages with Spring slaw


Afternoon snack

Jicama and raw cauliflower with Jalapeño hummus (from day 4)



Organic chicken skewers

Organic grilled veggie quinoa salad



1/2 Pomegranate



Hot water with lemon

At least 1.5l of water throughout the day

Organic green tea



1 capsule of EstroSense twice daily (breakfast and dinner)

LG Cleanse Formula 1 capsule with breakfast, lunch and dinner (3 total daily)