Spring Liver Cleanse Day 6

Image: Fork and Beans

We're almost there! Just one leisurely Sunday and a Monday to go in my 7 day Spring Liver Cleanse. The combination of eating clean and the weather in my part of the world (it's been sunny and warm all weekend) have me feeling light and full of energy. How are you?



Warm water with lemon

Gluten-free vegan pancakes - use coconut milk instead of soy milk. I covered them with almond butter and organic strawberries so didn’t need any syrup.

Organic green tea


Mid-Morning Snack

Pumpkin seed butter with a cut up pear



Layered raw taco salad for two - this one is a bit more time-consuming but great for a Sunday afternoon. Feel free to make extra for the week!


Afternoon Snack

Cut up organic carrots and snap peas with black bean dip



Homemade bison burgers - omit the bun and the smokey BBQ sauce for the cleanse and do a butter lettuce stack instead

Roasted homemade sweet potato fries

Mixed spring salad with avocado and papaya



Do you really need dessert after that dinner?



Warm water with lemon

At least 1.5l of water throughout the day

Organic green tea



1 capsule of EstroSense twice daily (breakfast and dinner)

LG Cleanse Formula 1 capsule with breakfast, lunch and dinner (3 total daily)